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    Design Draftsperson

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The design draftsperson, at IdealTFC Products Inc., is responsible for compiling the necessary data to prepare mechanical assemblies while respecting engineering standards. They are also responsible for providing explanations, training, and support to staff during assembly.

    In collaboration with the Production Director, the selected person will be required to design complete custom equipment.

    • Conduct client needs analyses;
    • Design, validate, review, and modify drawings according to industrialization constraints and the requirements of the Production Director;
    • Make different sketches, calculations, descriptive quotes, and produce other data to develop models;
    • Conduct searches for components, applicable standards, and maintenance guides, as required;
    • Detail required purchases for the manufacture of the equipment designed and approved;
    • Write technical reports;
    • Write in a clear and complete manner the specifications for the production process;
    • Send and validate plans (with the Production Director, Engineer, etc.);
    • Take readings and make sketches of equipment to subsequently implement changes.
    • Launch production for various systems;
    • Provide technical support to the production team;
    • Track ongoing work, internally and externally, providing outstanding customer service.

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