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    Plant Components

    Binder Park

    We are specialized in the field of asphalt plants, and experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of all components of your binder parks. For your bitumen tanks, emulsion tanks (glue), bitumen and fluid piping, as well as thermal oil boilers, contact our team of specialists to develop a project or improve your company’s performance.

    Bitumen tank and Emulsion (glue) tank

    • IdéalTFC’s high-performance tanks are designed in accordance with the latest environmental and energy standards.
    • The tanks will perfectly meet your needs in terms of stationary, relocatable, or portable binder parks.
    • They can be equipped with an optional mixer to ensure perfect homogeneity of your product.

    Bitumen piping/thermal fluid

    Thermal fluid boiler

    • IdealTFC Products installs thermal fluid boilers. These boilers are state-of-the-art and fully adaptable to your needs.
    • Equipped with a variable-speed drive that reduces energy consumption by up to 60% through enhanced debit and pressure control. Corrects motor power factor, eliminates reactive energy.
    • Reduces fuel use by 3%, reduces emissions from combustion, and provides greater operating safety.
    • Available sizes ranging from 400 000 to 12 million BTU/hr.