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    Plant Components


    We are proud to be Canada’s official dealer of CBS burners, to provide you with top-quality burners. Through their modular flame, CBS burners adapt to all types of drums. These heavy-duty burners are perfectly adapted to mixing plants and work with all types of fuels.

    • Available with single and double air stream.
    • Power from 50 to 100 million BTU/hr.
    • Nozzle lengths available between 300 and 6 500 mm.
    • Control by mechanical or electronic unit.
    • Optional muffler package.

    Our devoted staff adapts burner control consoles to meet the specific needs of the industry.

    Burner control console

    The design of our IdealTFC burner control system has revolutionized the combustion industry through its power and versatility. The integration of position controllers and modulation motors reduces energy consumption, complies with environmental standards, and lowers GHG emissions.

    • Integration of up to 4 combustion profiles.
    • Chart data acquisition monitoring saved on a USB key in a CSV file.
    • It can operate independently or be integrated into your existing systems and is available on a mobile app.
    • This system simplifies the tasks of your operators by enabling them to see all the stages of production and reducing downtime.