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    Plant Components


    Dryer and mixer drum counter/parallel flow

    Our dryer/mixer drums are known for their reliability and cutting-edge technology for hot and warm mixing. Get optimal mixes and guaranteed productivity while reducing your operating costs per tonne. Whether stationary, relocatable, or portable, each version offers the same high performance. Available in several sizes.

    • Production of 100 to 400 tonnes per hour.
    • The design of the drying chamber provides sufficient time for virgin aggregate to fully dry.
    • Mixing zone renowned for cleanliness and minimal maintenance.
    • Mixing flights provide for better uniformity of the aggregate veil.
    • Combustion flights prevent aggregates from interfering with the flame while distributing the material to maximize radiant heat transfer.
    • Optional foam injection system for warm mix (see section).


    IdealTFC Products proposes several options to help in your recycling and cost-saving efforts. Regardless of the system selected, IdéalTFC’s modern technology provides you with a high-quality recycled product and process.

    • Clear reduction of production costs because of the lower cost of asphalt.
    • Reduced effect on natural resources (less oil and less need for aggregates).
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions.

    Mini mixing drum

    The components of our mini drum work homogeneously and efficiently thanks to quality engineering.

    • Introduces bituminous binder into the mixing chamber, preventing build-ups in the dryer.
    • Mixes dry hot aggregates with recycled material while optimizing heat and binder transfer among recycled material, aggregates, and admixtures.
    • Ideal for transforming a batch plant into a continuous plant.