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    Plant Components

    Material Load-Out

    With IdealTFC Products, your material load-out needs are taken care of. We offer drag and traverse conveyors, mobile batchers designed to maintain the quality of the mix inside silos, as well as various types of silos adapted to your needs, such as storage silos, discharge silos, and dry additive (fine) silos.

    We also offer screw conveyors, weigh screw conveyors, and rotary valves for your continuous mixing plants.

    Storage silo

    • IdealTFC’s silos are designed for uninterrupted production while optimizing the efficiency of your silo by eliminating material waste.
    • Silo sizes vary depending on your needs with capacities from 40 to 300 tonnes.
    • Stone wool insulation provides for optimal temperature retention of your mixes.
    • Includes a reinforced cone at an angle of 60 degrees equipped with electric heating and a long-lasting sealant.
    • IdealTFC’s anti-segregation batcher is designed to ensure that the quality of the mix leaving the drum is maintained in the silo.